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Sierra Plastics is a devoted company focused on eliminating landfills of viable materials which can be recycled, reused or reintroduced.

We believe that education is the key to successfully implement that philosophy. A major part of what we do is teach the proper way to kids recycling plasticrecycle. Knowing the difference from good recyclable material  from trash …some materials are hard to recycle because of severe contamination, i.e. medical waste, post consumer heat packaging, etc. We do cost audits  for large corporation to small businesses, schools, communities, resorts and so on to show how much money their actually spending by throwing plastics in the trash. When you factor in all the cost associated with the landfill over 1 year, especially with a fortune 500 size company, it’s astonishing that businesses are literally wasting a tremendous amount of money on landfill fees and all cost associated with it.

Our goal is to reduce your current waste stream and design a program to best suite your business. We accomplish this by offering a visual audit of your facility and operations. recycled plastic in reusable bagSierra Plastics is able to implement a stringent program that could potentially eliminate 25% to over 40% of viable material landing up in the landfill. We can eliminate a substantial cost to your company by recycling plastic and generating revenue to your bottom line. 

Get paid for what was thrown away. The average cost per/ton at the landfill is around $40.00 plus transportation. Please contact us by email listed on the consultants page. Just mention that you have seen us on the Environmental Consulting Agency web site for your complementary waste audit.  Note all plastics used buy the consumer and business should be marked with a recycling triangle identifying the type of plastics it is, usually on the bottom or inside.

Sierra Plastics Mission


Recycle plasticsThe best and cleanest plastic scrap comes from manufactures of plastic products. This scrap comes in different forms such as runners, short shots, regrind purge, etc. Resin used for medical or food products must be FDA approved and can only be produced using virgin material, thus first generation scrap demands a higher price per pound, which is great for domestic sales.

Other Sourcing:

recycled plastic bottlesHundreds of tons of recyclable materials are being thrown away daily. Manufactures focus on “supply and demand” and put recycling on the back burner. My goal is to change this common practice by meeting with manufactures and educating them on the proper way to recycle.

I accomplish this goal by first doing a complete audit of their waste stream which includes finding their monthly tonnage going to land fills. This is followed by a review of what is being put in their waste bins (compactors, roll off containers, etc.) to determine what percentage of the contents is a viable commodity and what is non-recyclable. On average (depending on what that specific company is manufacturing) I am able to reduce their land fill tonnage by 40%, which in turn is paid back to that company as profit. As the company is educated on recycling and experiences the financial gain in plastic recycling, they naturally continue with tenacity.

Buy Backs (Walk ups):

Let them come to you. Having local customers bring you post consumer plastics such as PET bottles, PE water and milk jugs, etc. can escalate scrap tonnage in a short amount of time. When companies know they will be paid for their scrap they will make an extra effort to gather more. This awareness has resulted in several HOAs and small communities showing interest in plastic recycling which will add to tonnage per month.

Undesirable Scrap:

Finding a home for this material is essential to monthly tonnage. Plastics contaminated with paint or excessive hardware (screws, wire, foam mixed resins, etc.) result in high labor costs. The labor cost involved for cleaning and prepping these recyclable materials is not economically feasible for domestic sales. These materials are sent overseas where the cost for separation and cleaning are sufficiently lower, however, this type of scrap can boost your monthly tonnage by more than 50% in the right market.


Green, clean EarthI have been in the business of recycling plastics for the past twenty-five years. In those years I have been involved in many aspects of the industry, from simple identification to analyzing different chemical compounds. As a plastic recycler I have be instrumental in creating recycling programs for many high out-put facilities. In teaching companies basic separation and identification of recyclable materials I have kept millions of pounds of plastics out of the land fills and reintroduced resin back into our economy as molded everyday products for another generation.

My knowledge of resins and their specific applications has helped many injection, blow and extruded molders find the right materials needed to pass their customers requirements. Once I have determined the resin, I am guaranteed the sale of that material to the end user.

I have built Sierra Plastics from the ground up, which helped make us a profitable and respected business. Sierra Plastics has a clean and trustworthy reputation with its peers and is leading the industry in plastic recycling. My knowledge of a thriving successful business in plastics would be a benefit to your company. The buyer need already exists and with the right people I can provide an impenetrable structure that only grows stronger with time.

Patrick Keesy